Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 Months Old!!!

I can't count how many times I've told Addyson to stop growing, but she refuses to listen. It's hard to believe that just next month I'll have a 1 and a half year old!!! Goodness gracious! As much as I would like for her to slow down I truly believe that she gets 100% cuter every single day! Love, love, love this kid!

So I know I haven't done a monthly update in a while but here are a few milestones we've reached the past few months:

Sleep is awesome! Night time is a full 12 hours! Our normal schedule is 7:30-7:30, but lately she's been extra nice and slept in until 8. Those extra 30 minutes mean the world to me! We're sort of transitioning during nap time right now. She normally does an hour nap around 11am and then another one at 3. However we're staring to lose the afternoon nap :( From what I've read, most babies keep the afternoon nap and drop the morning one... maybe we've got it backwards! Oh well, whatever works best for her I'm fine with!!

Not too much has changed in the way of eating. She eats three meals a day plus a million snacks all throughout the day. The kid can pack it away, but I have no idea where she stores it because she is still a tiny little thing. I've started working in her room in the nursery at church and actually seeing her next to all the other kids her age, and then picking her up after holding all the other babies makes me really realize how small she is! At her well baby check-up this morning she weighed in at a meager 17 lbs and is 30 inches tall. That put her in the 5% for weight and 25% for height. Teeny weeny!
At least she looked cute for her appointment!
Playtime is so much fun these days. It takes up the majority of her day and I just love to watch her go from one toy to the next. And boy can she move between toys quick! There is not one thing that will keep her attention for more than 2 minutes! Although she still likes to sit in her toy boxes, she's found that sitting under things is just as fun! Under her slide, under the table, and her most favorite spot, under a certain chair that she's not allowed to go near because of the cords behind it. But that just makes it all the more fun for her to get under! She also just learned how to climb up into her high chair!
I realize she looks like a little redneck baby, but we had just finished lunch and she was quite messy. So the shirt and high chair cover had just been thrown in the wash!

One thing that has really improved is her vocabulary! {Forgive me while I list out every word she knows, but hey, this is my online memory book and I want to remember everything she does!!} She can say;

Mama "ma-ma"          Dada "da-da"
         Debs "de-de"               Grampa "bam-pa"
    Nana "na-na"               Aarin "reh-reh"
Cody "co-co"                Bow "bow"
  Keys "keys"                  Snack "nack"
          Dog "doug"                   Duck "duck duck"
   Chicken "kick-in"        Water "wa-wa"
Slide "lied"                   Light "la-la"
    Cheese "shes"               Diaper "bi-per"
Bite "bi-bi"                    Eyes "eye"
 Hi and Bye
She can also give hugs and kiss and knows how to give her teddy bears a bottle!
 Sweet little thing
I could go on and on but I'll keep this it short. This little girl just get smarter, cuter, and sweeter every single day!! She bring so much joy to my life! God is so good for allowing me to watch over His little angel!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Hello again!!! Remember me? Sorry I've been gone for the whole month of June!!! We've had so many fun things going on and I've barely had a chance to think about blogging. But I promise to be better from now on because we have a bunch a fun things coming our way soon that I have to share with you!! Like, we finally have a contract on a house!!!! Woo hoo!!! It only took us, what, four months to find one? So hopefully I'll have some fun 'Pinspired' DIY projects to share, and of course a tour of the house once I get it looking good! But for now I'll just do a quick recap of all our June activities!!

Like every June we have to spend one night at the rodeo. My dad has been a member of the Sheriff's Posse for quite some time now and we've gone to the rodeo for as long as I can remember. Last year Addyson slept through most of it, but this year she really enjoyed it! She loooved seeing all the horses. And of course getting to eat some cotton candy didn't hurt either :)
Doesn't she look so big!
And don't tell me that's not the cutest face you've ever seen ;)
We've also fit in plenty of pool time already. Debs bought Addyson her own kiddie pool and I think she likes that way better than the big kid pool. She even has some pretty cute tan lines :)
We also made a trip to a splash park with some friends! I'm pretty sure Addy liked it, but I think she was more interested in running around on the concrete than splashing in the water. Oh well, it got us out of the house for the day and mommy had fun!
Sweet babies, only one day apart :)
Addyson has figured out how to slide on her own! Although after playing on it for about two weeks she decided that she would rather tip it over and laugh at it falling than actually slide down it. But that's ok with me, she's learning new things either way!
Well that was just a little sample of what has been keeping us busy lately! I'm so excited for the Fourth of July this week!! It may be my second favorite holiday, next to Thanksgiving of course! And I promise to not take another whole month off no matter how busy I get :)
God is so good for giving us such beautiful weather and wonderful family and friends to spend our summer with! I'm so excited for what He has in store for us!!!