Friday, May 31, 2013

White Sands and Dark Tans

Hello, hello!!! Even though I've been back in the 'real world' for almost a week now, I'm just now getting back to my blog! This past week we took Addy Kate on her first real vacation to Destin, FL. Like all vacations it was soooo much fun but I've had the hardest time coming back to this gross rainy weather with no pool in my backyard and no beach across the street. Woe is me. But anyways, we did have such a blast and of course I have to share a plethora of photos with you; my fabulous followers :) Here goes...

{By the way, I know this will seem like a ton of photos, but it's actually scaled down from 500+ photos. Yikes!}

I'll spare you all the joys of our 13 hour road trip from Dallas to Destin {yes we drove. my fault. i was nervous about flying with a toddler who doesn't want to be held these days and only wants to run free. i didn't want to be 'those people' on the plane.} Ryan and I did, however, play the "license plate game" to pass the time and we actually got 42 out of the 50! We were kind of proud of ourselves :)

So anyways here is our fist day. This is our cute little front porch. Our house was two stories with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. We had a pool in the backyard and a golf cart to drive ourselves the short one block to the beach. Perfection!

Of course we had to jump in the pool upon arrival. The weather was seriously perfect!
And then it was on to the beach! Destin is known for its beautiful white beaches and they sure didn't disappoint for us.
Day two was super low key. We went for a short walk that morning a did a little swinging, but then went straight for the ocean! After a much needed nap for Miss A, we stayed at home and hung out in the pool all afternoon.
J-Lo Baby working the "over-the-shoulder" pose
Wednesday it was supposed to rain, which it didn't, but we planned ahead and did the beach first thing in the morning and then split up the boys and girls for some shopping and museum-ing(?) They have some great outlets in Destin so I was able to get my little fashionista a head start for next summers wardrobe. The boys went to Pensacola to check out the Naval Aviation Museum. Ryan's great-uncle flew planes just like this one, the Gruman F4F Wildcat.
 The next day we took a trip out into the ocean to see some dolphins. We were actually lucky enough to see some the day before swimming right off the shore while we were playing in the sand. At least, we're pretty sure they were dolphins...
 Addy and Grampa
{Don't judge the hat! I left hers at home and we had to buy this one at the last minute}
 Here's an awesome looking boat we saw in the harbor
Someone has too much money...
Driving the boat!
Our last day, tear, was spent getting in as much beach and pool time as we could! The boys took off and went fishing, where they were boarded by the Coast Guard! Oops! {#nottheirfault}
Of course we made some time for a few family photos too! Isn't my mom a great photographer??
Dad and his girls

 Daddy and his little girl
 Our signature pose :)
Saturday morning it was time to head home :( Leaving our Ocean Breeze view behind, but bringing with us some of our newest favorite memories.
 On the way home we had to make a quick stop at the Duck Commander shop! We were all so excited to see where they film one of our favorite shows!
Just to prove we were in the right place...
Photo Courtesy
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We had such an amazing trip!! God is so good for blessing us with the chance to spend time with our family, see more of His beautiful creations, and get a little tan while we're at it ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Pop A Squat"

The past few weeks Addyson has started taking a seat just wherever her little booty feels like it. She's normally up and running around anywhere her little legs can take her these days, but every once in a while she'll sit down to play. I've caught pictures of a few of the places she's chosen to rest her hiney, so I thought I would share :) And no I didn't stage a single one of these photos!!
 First we have our "toy box"
Nice and cozy
 Then we have the laundry basket
Loads of fun :)
Next is our Lego wagon
This is the closest one to a legitimate place to sit
 Then she used her toy basket to sit in
Luckily it's a sturdy basket
 Same basket, different day
Must be a favorite
I can't blame her for this one
Everyone knows a cardboard box is the best thing to play in
And finally her baby cousin's car seat
In her defense, it's the same one she has
Crazy girlie! God is so good for providing my sweet angel with so many places to play and a smart, imaginative mind that never ceases to amaze me!!!