Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's a...

That's right we've got one of each now and we couldn't be more excited!!! I seriously don't think Ryan can get any more excited to have a namesake and a little buddy to taking hunting and fishing. I'm excited too, but I'm also a little nervous. I don't know how to raise a boy?! I grew up with an older sister so there were never any dirty boys running around. Our house consisted of lots of shoes, plenty of hair spray, too much make-up, and a constant stream of girl friends coming over to spend the night and keep our dad awake ;) I've thought so many times how I can't wait for Addyson to be old enough to have all her friends over, squished into the bathroom doing each other's hair before the football game that night like I used to do. But what do boys do??? Maybe our son will be putting on his uniform to play in the football game. Or maybe he'll be a trainer on the sidelines like his daddy was.
Well, either way I've got a lot of time before that happens, but one thing I do know is that this little boy is going to be a go-getter. He is quite the mover right now! Addyson was always calm and moved very little when we got to see her with the ultrasound, but her little brother is flip-flopping and doing barrel rolls! I'm definitely going to have my hands full this time!!!
God is soooo good for giving us a son! I just pray that He gives me all the patience I think I'm going to need for my newest little love bug!!!
Here's a little look at our mini photo sesh with the wonderful Lauren Sellari! Addyson didn't know what to think about the silly string!!!
Thank you Lauren for our fabulous photos!!!