Thursday, February 28, 2013

On The Move

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA this past week, but it has been crazy town around here! Last Friday we officially put our house on the market {wahoo} and on Sunday we got our first offer {yahoo}!!! Then on Monday we got another offer on our house, and on Tuesday we got an official contract on our house! So needless to say it has been a whirl wind kind of week!

I have spent the majority of this past week speed vacuuming, rushing to pick up toys, and hurrying a squirmy baby, two rowdy dogs, and my exhausted rump out the door. We had 13 showings the first, and only, week our house was on the market. That equates to 2 days with three showings, 3 days with two showings, and 1 glorious day with only one showing. Poor baby girl spent waaaay too much time in her carseat this week.
 Killing some time while waiting for people to leave our house...
 It was too cold to get out and play at the park, so we played with the dogs inside the car
{And for those of you wondering, there's only so much wandering around Target a girl can do, so yes we hung out in the car some days}
Today is our first full day at home and I'm ready to let her strecth her little legs and roam the house all she wants! I did manage to get a few pictures and videos of my love bug this week, and since that's the only interesting thing in this post, I'll just put them all up!
Petting the 'big dogs' with Debs
This sweet pea loves her animals
Debs is just so funny!
Baby laughs are just the sweetest!
God is so amazingly good for getting us through this week! We are blessed to have a house to sell, blessed that it sold in one week, and blessed that we have a place to go when we move out! Thank you Lord this week is over!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

i LOVE valentine's day! and this v-day was extra special because i finally have my own tiny valentine to spoil :) growing up my mom always bought us a bunch of of valentine's day presents and i am so excited to start doing the same with my sweet heart.  
ryan had to work today, but luckily it was his short day so he got off at 4 and came straight home to his girls. we don't really do big gifts for each other on v-day, but this year we picked out our own gifts to treat ourselves. ryan got himself a scope for his rifle and i got myself a new vacuum ~ now don't tell me that's not romance!
but we had to do a few tiny gifts too...

 i gave ryan some beef jerky chocolate. believe it or not it's not actually bad
daddy let his valentine have a bite of his little debbie cake
{it's a holiday so i'll let it slide} 
A-baby got some valentine's day leg warmers {seriously the cutest thing ever on those chunky thighs}, a valentine's day monkey, some candies, and some new bowls and plates to eat off of~since her's a big girl now!
had to make some sweet treats for today, and of course chocolate covered strawberries were on the list, but these were double dipped :) first in caramel and then in chocolate.....dahlish. i also made chocolate molten caramel cookies. i was in the mood for caramel i guess!
God is so good for blessing me with the two sweetest valentines I know!!!

{and yes we did keep our now 5 year tradition of having Long John Silver's for
v-day dinner~we're nerds}

Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 Months Old!!!

Ohhhh my. We've hit 10 months old! That's only 2 months away from being 1 year old!?! Wasn't it just last week that I brought her home from the hospital?? Well here's the latest on my double digit diva:

Of course our biggest change for the month has been that we are helmet free! I still don't have our official before and after photos, but I can tell you she looks great!
She had her 9 month check-up last month and when I guessed she was about 15 1/2 lbs I was a little off. This teeny tiny munchkin only weighed 14 lbs 6 oz! Her doctor said that was OK since she had started crawling and was burning a bunch of calories, but by her first birthday she should have tripled her birth weight. So now we're trying to pack on the pounds {wish I had that problem}. My girl definitely has a good appetite so I'm giving her as much as she'll take at each meal time and snack time.

Sleep is still fabulous. 7pm until 7am is her normal night schedule. She always wakes up at 5am {she even did that in my belly!}, but only cries for a minute and then falls back to sleep. Still transitioning nap times. She pretty much just does two a day now, but sometimes they'll last for an hour or a little longer. Mommy and baby love those long nap days :)
Getting ready for bed
Sucking that thumb to get herself to sleep
Climbing is a new fav. Level floor crawling is old news and she has set her sights on the stairs. {Cue baby gates!} She can make it all the way up in the blink of an eye, but coming back down is another story. Luckily we haven't had any accidents yet! She even likes to crawl up the back of the couch to watch the dogs out the window!
Look at her little toes griping the couch!
She is also starting to stand on her own! She'll balance for about 10-15 seconds before falling. I think her first steps may be just around the corner...
Little hood rat

Playing with Aunt Kinsley

God is so good to make me the momma of this beautiful, joyful, and spirited baby doll!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sensory Saturday~Sight

I bet if Addyson could talk she would tell me that for the first few months of her life she thought the only two colors that exited were pink and purple. That's all she ever saw! Pink and purple onesies, toys, blankets, pacifiers (not that she ever used one), pink bedding and nursery walls, and even me. I swear I wore (and sadly Ryan can vouch for me) a different purple HSU t-shirt everyday the first six weeks after she was born. But hey I was a new mom and was proud of myself if I put on jeans instead of pajama bottoms.

But anyways, I thought we would do some color focused learning this week. And one color we don't have a lot of around this house is blue. So today became official 'Blue Day' in the Turner house!

We started out by getting dressed and putting on, what else but blue! No lie, this is the only blue onesie we have. But it's pretty cute on my munchkin :)

Then we had to eat blue. Missy had blueberry yogurt for breakfast, blueberry flavored puffs for snack #1, a blueberry and cherry puree for lunch, and fresh blueberries for snack #2.
And of course we used a blue spoon and blue bib :)
Pointing is our new favorite trick

Play time was also all about the blue. We don't have too many toys this color, but I separated the ones that were and even made a new one for Addy-girl. Yes it's another bottle, but this one isn't a rattle. I just took a plastic bottle filled it with water and added blue food coloring and blue glitter. You could also add a few drops of oil to make a lava lamp effect, but Addyson was just happy with sparkly glitter-water.
Always loves the bottles

We finished the day off with a blue bath. More blue toys and some Crayola bath crayons. Wish they had these when I was little! I think I enjoyed playing with them more than Addyson, but she got pretty good at it after a little while.

God is so good for blessing us with eyes to see all of His beautiful creations and for giving us colors to brighten our world!
"Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law." Psalm 119:18