Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Fun

I'm sure everyone had a fun and busy weekend getting their little ones ready to go back to school!! My momma works for WISD, but she's the admin. asst. to the Superintendent and has been working all summer long so this week was barely a change for her :) We actually had a quite a busy weekend ourselves, which has been a rarity lately with me being confined to the house the past 5 weeks.

Friday started out with our normal playtime outside before it got too hot. Addyson loooves to play with her sidewalk chalk, chase Maggie, and play with her toys and never wants to come back inside for nap time.

Friday night this girl actually got out of the house by herself! Whaaaa? I seriously don't know when the last time this happened was. A group of us went to play Top Golf to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday! We went to the Top Golf in Allen, which is an hour northeast of us, so Ryan decided to stay home and keep the angel since we would be out late and he has to be up at 4am for work :/
The girls showing of their skills

Check out these cinnamon donut holes that came with chocolate and raspberry syringes to do your own injecting! They were quite delish once we figured out to take the cap off the syringes...

Saturday morning Addy and I got up and met my mom and sister in Fort Worth for some quick shopping and lunch. Miss A got a few more things for her closet and I got some needed decorations for the house. {House pics coming soon!}
I tried out the piggies on Addyson and I have to say they're pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! {I'm not a biased mommy or anything}

That night we spent the night at my parents because we haven't had gas or hot water at our house for the past week - looong story. {And yes we've paid our bills} We got up and went to church in Weatherford and then the whole family went to my Nana's for lunch.
Addyson got to wear Grampa's medal from the Hotter Than Hell race he did that morning

And Monday my two loves took off and went to Abilene to see the grands and great-grandparents. I didn't think it would be the best idea for me to travel 3 hours away from my hospital home base since I just got off of bed rest, so Ryan and Addyson took a day trip without me. I'm not going to lie, I did cry when they left, but I'm not used to being that far away from her and for that long. Plus all you other mommies were posting pics of your kiddos first day at school and I swear it felt like I had just sent her off to kindergarten! I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones ;) They made it home late that night and I know they had so much fun seeing our Abilene family while I enjoyed being alone for the whole day and getting a million things done without my munchkin in the way. I actually ate three meals without them getting cold! Crazy!
Addyson thinks she can take over her cousin's swing
God is so good for blessing us with amazing family and friends to spend our time with! I hope you all had an amazing weekend too!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Here We Go Again!!!

So did the blog name change give it away or are you still guessing? Well don't try to guess anymore because...we're pregnant!!! That's right, in February we will be a family of FOUR! Slightly terrifying, but definitely exciting! I love my little Addy-girl to the moon and back so I can't wait to have another sweet baby in my arms.

So for those of you trying to do the math, I'm at the end of my 15th week and will be 16 weeks this coming Sunday. Baby number two is due 2/2, which means I will have two under 2 for two months! Two may be my new lucky number!!

So far this pregnancy has been a complete 180* from my pregnancy with Addyson. No morning sickness with A, but this time I had my fair share. With Addyson I only wanted sweet things, and this time I need salty and savory. Last time not a thing went wrong the entire pregnancy, and this time we've already had some scares and troubles.

The reason we've waited to share our exciting news is because I wasn't sure how long I would have this exciting news. A little over a month ago we had a scare and made an emergency trip to my doctor's office. Once we were there the Dr. did a sono and I saw that perfect little baby and the most important thing; a heartbeat. However we weren't in the clear. The doctor told us that the amniotic sac that the baby is in had started to separate from the uterus. Luckily the separation hadn't made it's way to the placenta which would have been a serious problem. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for this sort of thing so I was put on bed rest. I've been on bed rest for the past month and it has not been a cake walk. Luckily I have the most amazing family ever who jumped right in to help with Addyson and all of our daily needs. Bed rest on it's own is really no fun, but bed rest with a 1 year old and while right in the middle of moving...really no fun. It has been quite a crazy month around here to say the least!

But the good news is that baby T is still perfectly healthy and growing just as it should be! The other good thing is that we did weekly check-ups, so we got to see our sweet baby every week instead of having to wait a month! We had another doctor visit yesterday afternoon and I'm clear from bed rest, woo hoo!! But I'm still not really allowed to do anything to make sure the separation doesn't tear any further. So while I'm allowed out of the bed and off the couch I still have to take it really easy. But at least life is going to go back to a little bit of normalcy!!

We go back to the Dr. in two weeks for our gender ultrasound so I'll have more exciting news soon! Until then we're pretty sure we already know what baby T will be :) But for now I'm just happy as can be knowing we have a healthy baby!

God is truly good for blessing us with another child of His to watch over. Babies are such miracles and I'm so excited to hold this sweet child in my arms! Hurry up February!!!
**Thank you Lauren Sellari for our wonderful pictures!**

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Toilet Paper Play

Ok mommies of toddlers, this ones for you. As you all know keeping a toddlers attention on one thing for longer than 3 minutes can be difficult. You also know that when they do find something to keep themselves occupied that doesn't involve you saying "no, no, put that down, spit it out", well those 3 minutes become the best part of your day. So I stumbled upon this fun little activity by mistake. Well Addyson did it by mistake. Actually Addyson did it on purpose and I didn't catch her in time which was my mistake. Aaaaaanyways,  so I was giving my messy munchkin her nightly bath and letting her splash around in the tub and play with all of her little bath toys. I turned my head for two seconds to get her towel out of the cabinet and when I did she seized the opportunity to grab a whole role of toilet paper and bring it into the bathtub with her. Great. Shreds of t.p. all in the water. I picked it up as fast as I could and then realized that, hey, that feels kind of cool! So I dropped it back in and let her play with it again. Then I came to my senses and took it out because I didn't want to have to fish out all that toilet paper. But it got me thinking that I could spare a roll every once in a while and let her have some fun.

So the next day we used our 20 minutes of fun in the sun playing with bloated toilet paper! This time I just filled up a large bowl with water, handed her the roll and let her have at it. She had so much fun squishing it and then tearing it all up! Mostly tearing it all up...
the first dip
switching over to duck duck
tearing and throwing
this one's for you mom!
This kept her entertained for quite a while and maybe it will your kiddo too! The best part is there's not a whole lot to cleaning up! I just poured the water out of the bowl and ducky and then left the t.p. out in the sun to dry. I came back out that night, grabbed the roll out of the bowl and dumped it in the trash. Easy breezy!  God is so good for giving us sunshine, water, and toilet paper to play with!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

We're In!

Hey hey!! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and staying out of the heat!!! We've been spending our last couple weeks of summer moving into our new house!

Our last home we knew we were only going to be staying in for three years, so I've spent plenty of Pinterest hours looking for house decorations and ideas! The hardest part though is waiting for it to all get done!!! Wouldn't it be nice to be rich and have a decorator come in and have the house completely done for you the first night you stay there? Yeah, well that doesn't happen in my world so it will be months and probably even years before I get it looking just the way I want. I've got so many ideas floating through my head, but they'll each just have to wait their turn. And it doesn't really help having the cutest toddler in the world going around un-doing anything I've just done and making a new mess every tiny step she takes. But that's all part of the fun!

So since nothing is really done I'll just show you some pictures our unfinished, work in progress humble abode and share a few plans for the future!!

OK so it's not the best picture with but you get the idea. The mom who lived here before us had quite the green thumb and had beautiful plants all over. So it's my mission to become way better at keeping up with the outside of my house so it looks just as cute as the first time we saw it. Future plans: a hanging plant beside the door and adding my seasonal wreaths and decorations. (That's an easy one!)
I love the entry way! It has the two niches you see here plus another further down the hall and a smaller one adjacent the front door. Future plans: ohhhhh the ideas are in the millions! There are so many things you can with these huge niches and I haven't even narrowed down what I really want it to look like. This will be a fun DIY though!
The dining room is directly to your left once you walk in the front door. So far this has been Addyson's favorite room to play in. Go figure? Future plans: New blinds and adding curtains, obvi! We already have our dining room table in, but we're going to be adding a hutch on the back wall. Also, my MIL told me about a place the does custom designed window coverings that would look really cool in those top windows, instead of just leaving them open or putting up blinds. They would look something like this:
Here's our sweet little kitchen that has been the thorn in my side :/ First of all there is barely any storage. For those of you that really know me, you know that I have a lot of kitchen stuff. I love to cook and be in the kitchen, but this one doesn't have hardly any room to store all my goodies. You can also see that where our refrigerator is you can't open the freezer door all the way. Nor can you open the drawer right beside it all the way. Maybe minor, but annoying no the less. Future plans: hopefully staining the cabinets, or at least adding more!!
PS-the tile looks hideous in this picture but its actually nice!
Here's the other side of the kitchen and I do love the large windows and window seat! And please excuse the boxes that still haven't been unpacked :/ One day they'll all be gone...right?
This is the only room that's even remotely close to being finished. I wanted her room done first so she could have a little bit of normalcy. The only future plans here are to finished decorating!
Here is our very big backyard. I cropped the picture so you can't really tell how big it is. In the back you can see Ryan and my dad working on a fence around the pool to keep out Ms. A and Ms. Maggie. When you walk outside it looks like an infinity pool, but it's definitely not. The yard slopes down and goes for about another 10ft to the fence. Future plans: lots of pool parties and grilling :)
Here is one more shot of the back yard. These are our 5 new raised garden beds with tomato and pepper plants and who knows what else. I told you that previous lady had a green thumb! There are also grape vines down by the pool, plus and apple tree and a peach tree. Future plans: study, study, study so I don't kill all these fruits and vegetables!!!
Well that about does it for pictures. What you didn't see was another bedroom right beside Addyson's room and a full bath, the master bed/bath and a study. Then upstairs there is another bedroom, full bath, and a media room. They're all disaster zones and I wouldn't want to scare you with pictures!
God is so amazingly good for blessing us with another beautiful place to call home. I'm so thankful for our new house and neighborhood to raise our little family in!