Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just Another Week

Well we are finally all moved out! We still don't have a new house of our own just yet, but at least we're half way there right...? {Trying to see the glass half full} Unfortunately we had a small set back this week. We were supposed to close on our house on Thursday but our buyer's lender is giving her some grief and so our closing date has been pushed back to April 10. But it'll happen soon enough!
Last nap in her very first room
All empty now :(

So with all the craziness still going on around here I thought I would do our week in pictures! Miss A has had a few exciting things happen this week. Well, exciting to me because I'm her mommy :) Tooth number 3 finally poked through, but it wasn't her top front. It was her top right canine?!? And following close behind is the top left canine. I'm going to have a little vampire baby! But I can see the white buds of the front two so I'm sure they'll be coming in soon.
Someone stuffed her little face with a handful of goldfish
We're also getting very close to walking!! On Wednesday Ryan got her to take 3-4 steps towards him a few times! Every day since then she's done the same. She can get in three good steps and then she falls. But hey, this walking upright thing is harder than it seems ;) Of course we haven't been able to get her doing it on film because she'll quit and get distracted the second a camera comes out, but I promise I'll post it if we ever get a good shot!
Pushing chairs around is a new fav
We did manage to get in some fun family time this week. My birthday was this past Saturday and the sweetest husband in the world decided to surprise me! He told me that he was going to Abilene for the Outlaws and Legends concert, but secretly took my car to have the windows tinted and then surprised me with all of my friends at Pappadeaux's for dinner! Such a sweet guy!

Then on Thursday Ryan's dad and grandparents had to make a trip to Dallas and stopped by to have dinner with us on their way home. I wish we lived closer to all of our family so we would get to see them more often, but we make the best of what time we get with them!
{Sorry Keith, I only managed to get one photo of you, and you blinked. Don't hate me!}
God is so good for providing us with a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in! He is also so wonderful for giving us such sweet and loving family and friends!

Friday, March 22, 2013

25 Things...

Once again I've had too much time in between posts! Sorry!!! It has been a week of craziness around here. We're right in the middle of moving with half our things in storage, some of our stuff in my sister's attic, and the rest is strewn about the house waiting to be put in a box. So needless to say I haven't had much time for taking pictures or doing anything fun with my Addy-girl. So I thought this would be the perfect time to do a '25 Things You May or May Not Know About Me' post! Here goes...

1. I am seriously, truly, no lie terrified of cats {no I was never attacked as a child and no I don't think they're trying to kill me, I just am}
2. I have worn contacts since the 7th grade
3. I am addicted to all of 'The Real Houswives' shows
4. In college I made clear to all of my friends that I would never date Ryan Turner, "we were just friends" {never say never folks}
5. My favorite bible verse is "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Prov. 3:5-6
6. I have known since I was a little girl that I was created to be a mommy
7. I have to have something sweet after every meal
8. I cook dinner at least 6 nights a week, every week
9. I was born and raised in Weatherford, TX {GO ROOS}
10. I enjoy shopping online more than in a store
11. I shared a king sized bed in the master bedroom with my best friend in college
12. My mom still fixes my baked potatoes for me because they taste better when she does it :)
13. I became a Christian when I was 8, and recommitted my life in 9th grade
14. I don't actually like country music, even though I have been to countless Texas country concerts with my sweet hubby
15. I started out as a psychology major, and then switched to Criminal Justice so I didn't have to write a 20 page thesis to graduate {best decision of my life}
16. I was 99.9% sure that Addyson was going to be a boy
17. I am better at baking than cooking
18. The 11 months since I've had Addyson have been the longest I've gone without tanning or getting my nails done since probably 10th grade
19. I could eat Mexican food every day of the week
20. Having flies around while I'm eating is my biggest pet peeve
21. Construction follows me every where I move
22. I eat a bowl of dry cereal before I go to bed almost every night
23. I hate, hate, hate to be cold {bring on those 100* Texas summers}
24. Blue Bell Moo-llennium Crunch ice cream is the absolute best
25. I'm not a big fan of taking showers, I need a full bath tub

Well that about does it. I promise to get some more interesting posts up soon! I've got Miss A's first birthday coming up next month {cue sobbing}, a trip to Florida in May, and hopefully a new house to start decorating by summer-time!!!

God is so good for giving each of His children so many unique qualities that can all serve to bring glory to Him!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seriously, 11 Months?!?

Wasn't I just bringing her home from the hospital yesterday??? I'm seriously having a hard time believing that my little baby is one month away from being ONE YEAR OLD! I'm pretty sure I've told her to stop growing, but I don't think she's listening to me. Oh well, here's what has changed this past month:

Baby jabbering has not slowed down. Although she can say 4 words; mama, dada, dog, and byebye, everything that she sees or wants gets called dada or "doug"(dog). Anytime my phone rings it's "dada" and every single animal we see is "doug doug doug!". This little girl just may grow up to be a vet because she looooves animals. I can't wait to take her to the zoo this summer!
I still have the best little eater around. If it weren't for the worst 42 minutes of my life that happened 11 months ago, I would question if this was even my child because she seems to like tomatoes! Tomatoes, olives, and bananas are the three foods that I can not handle and this kids loves two of those! We haven't tried the olives yet because I simply just don't buy them, but I wouldn't be surprised if she loved those too. Still on our regular feeding schedule; three real meals and a snack each day plus BF'ing at least 4 times. She pretty much eats whatever I make Ryan and I for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has had scrambled eggs, ravioli, chicken and dumplings, and plenty of turkey and cheese "sandwiches".
Last month we had a little sickly one on our hands and when I took her to the doctor she was up to 16 pounds!!! It's about time! Most kids weigh that much at 6-7 months. Teeny weeny munchkin. But she's such a go-getter that she burns those calories faster than I can feed them to her.
Crawling up the stairs is a serious workout
Sleep has been a little rocky this month. Between having our house on the market and needing to leave two or three times a day, and the awful cold that snuck up on her, sleep has been hard to come by. Poor baby has had to catch too may naps in the car and that has thrown off her night time sleep. Not being able to breathe out of her nose and coughing every five seconds doesn't help either. I kept thinking with the runny nose that a little tooth would pop through, but no such luck.
Having a cold is rough on a girl
Still only have two chompers behind those sweet lips. Some of the other babies in her Sunday school class have 6 or 7 teeth! Guess we're a little behind in that area, but that doesn't bother me any. Her gummy smiles are one of the only baby-ish things she has left.
I figured we would have a walker by now, but we just have the fastest speed crawler around. She has gotten very good at standing on her own but hasn't quite figured out how to take those first steps. She got a couple new walking toys at her Debs and Nana's houses that she can push around so hopefully that will start the wheels turning in her little head.
I love to watch her sit and play. Everything she sees is so interesting to her. Anything she can open and close will keep her occupied for a while. Doors, drawers, cabinets, books...they're all favorites. She's developed a new skill, which I personally love, which is putting her toys back in the basket after she dumps them out. She will sit and pick up each toy, turn it over in her hands, and then drop it into the basket or toy box. Such a good little helper!
I am so proud of my sweet angel baby and love her more and more every day! God is so good for choosing me to be the mommy to His precious child.