Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Lazy Week

What a boring week we've had! And oh how I needed it!!! Addy and I hardly left the house this week, but that meant that mommy got caught up on cleaning and A-baby got to practice her walking! Yep, we officially have a walking toddler now. Get ready for the fun...

Monday I cleaned inside all day while Ryan worked on the outside. Luckily it was gorgeous outside so we had all the windows open and the house smelling like spring.... until the cold front came through on Tuesday. I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh:
We did manage to get in some morning walks even though it was a little chilly

Since it was so cold my little love muffin and I stayed inside and played. Addyson found herself a few new places to take a seat.
Toy baskets must be comfy?

Wednesday was just as uneventful as the previous days, except my sister and I got a little late night shopping in. Old Navy is seriously one of the best. They have such good sales! I got 3 pairs of shorts and 2 tees for $50! Love it!
{So what if I did get the same pair of shorts in 3 different colors}

And that brings us to today which has consisted of a whole lot of nothing. But since it's Thursday and the George Bush library opening was today, I thought I would throw in a little 'Throwback Thursday' because yes, I seriously do miss him!
Here's a quick video of Addy-girl practicing her new skill because I know you were all just dying to see her (well at least her grandparents are...)

God is so good for giving us little breaks in life when we need them! I hope you've all had an easy and relaxing week too!!!

PS- birthday blog will be coming soon! Just waiting on our photos to be edited and then I'll have it up!!!! But here's a sneak peek...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My 1 Year Old Girl

Addy-girl, Addy-girl. They told me time would fly by but I didn't realize how fast this first year would go!

I remember the day we brought you home from the hospital. You were so perfect. I couldn't believe that you were finally in my arms and I could kiss the little toes that had been kicking inside me for the past 9 months. I remember seeing your daddy hold you and thinking I could never love any two people more. I remember having all of your grandparents circle around and pray over you and thank God for the joy that your little life had brought to us all. I remember being so excited to actually have you in my arms instead of in my belly. I remember drawing instantly closer to my mom and  dad and being able to understand them better. {You will never know the love I have for you until you hold your own sweet angel in your arms.} I remember becoming enveloped in a new love for our Heavenly Father because I had also found a new facet of His love for me. Every single breath you took and every time your heart beat was, and still is, a miracle and gift from Him.
You have changed so much in these twelve short months, but so have I. I know that your favorite game is peek-a-boo, and guess what, it's mine too! I know you love to read books and turn all the pages, and I love to read them to you. You love to go to the window and see the dogs, and I love to watch you watching the dogs. Sugar bear you sure do love to eat, and I love feeding you! I think we're a perfect pair :)

You are my greatest accomplishment and my greatest pride. I know I usually say that I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, but I actually hope the future holds off because I am trying to soak up every minute I have with you right now. I know we will have some rough days in our future, especially with walking just around the corner, but I look forward to those days because we will both grow from them.
You have brought more love and joy into my life in your short 365 days than you will ever know. Thank you for loving me sweet baby.




Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Easter Fun

What a wonderful day it was to celebrate our risen Savior! We were up and at 'em early Sunday morning so we could make it to early church and then head to Weatherford for lunch at my Nana's. Miss A was in some sort of mood though. I was tempted to put her back to sleep so she could try waking up on the right side of the bed. But once we made it to her Nana's she perked right up!

My mom took a million precious pictures of Addyson's first Easter so I thought I would share a few!
This one cracks me up!

Later that evening we went with my parents up to our land in Strawn where Addy-girl had her first ride on a gator and on the tractor!
I think it goes without saying that she looooved riding the gator!
This was my great-great grandmother's house. 100 Years in the Riebe family

What an awesome God we serve!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!