Friday, August 16, 2013

Here We Go Again!!!

So did the blog name change give it away or are you still guessing? Well don't try to guess anymore because...we're pregnant!!! That's right, in February we will be a family of FOUR! Slightly terrifying, but definitely exciting! I love my little Addy-girl to the moon and back so I can't wait to have another sweet baby in my arms.

So for those of you trying to do the math, I'm at the end of my 15th week and will be 16 weeks this coming Sunday. Baby number two is due 2/2, which means I will have two under 2 for two months! Two may be my new lucky number!!

So far this pregnancy has been a complete 180* from my pregnancy with Addyson. No morning sickness with A, but this time I had my fair share. With Addyson I only wanted sweet things, and this time I need salty and savory. Last time not a thing went wrong the entire pregnancy, and this time we've already had some scares and troubles.

The reason we've waited to share our exciting news is because I wasn't sure how long I would have this exciting news. A little over a month ago we had a scare and made an emergency trip to my doctor's office. Once we were there the Dr. did a sono and I saw that perfect little baby and the most important thing; a heartbeat. However we weren't in the clear. The doctor told us that the amniotic sac that the baby is in had started to separate from the uterus. Luckily the separation hadn't made it's way to the placenta which would have been a serious problem. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for this sort of thing so I was put on bed rest. I've been on bed rest for the past month and it has not been a cake walk. Luckily I have the most amazing family ever who jumped right in to help with Addyson and all of our daily needs. Bed rest on it's own is really no fun, but bed rest with a 1 year old and while right in the middle of moving...really no fun. It has been quite a crazy month around here to say the least!

But the good news is that baby T is still perfectly healthy and growing just as it should be! The other good thing is that we did weekly check-ups, so we got to see our sweet baby every week instead of having to wait a month! We had another doctor visit yesterday afternoon and I'm clear from bed rest, woo hoo!! But I'm still not really allowed to do anything to make sure the separation doesn't tear any further. So while I'm allowed out of the bed and off the couch I still have to take it really easy. But at least life is going to go back to a little bit of normalcy!!

We go back to the Dr. in two weeks for our gender ultrasound so I'll have more exciting news soon! Until then we're pretty sure we already know what baby T will be :) But for now I'm just happy as can be knowing we have a healthy baby!

God is truly good for blessing us with another child of His to watch over. Babies are such miracles and I'm so excited to hold this sweet child in my arms! Hurry up February!!!
**Thank you Lauren Sellari for our wonderful pictures!**

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  1. I'm so happy for your sweet family! I can't believe all that you've been through already. I know there can't be anything easy about being on bed-rest with a toddler in the house!! Praying the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing. Cannot wait to find out what you're having!