Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Fun

I'm sure everyone had a fun and busy weekend getting their little ones ready to go back to school!! My momma works for WISD, but she's the admin. asst. to the Superintendent and has been working all summer long so this week was barely a change for her :) We actually had a quite a busy weekend ourselves, which has been a rarity lately with me being confined to the house the past 5 weeks.

Friday started out with our normal playtime outside before it got too hot. Addyson loooves to play with her sidewalk chalk, chase Maggie, and play with her toys and never wants to come back inside for nap time.

Friday night this girl actually got out of the house by herself! Whaaaa? I seriously don't know when the last time this happened was. A group of us went to play Top Golf to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday! We went to the Top Golf in Allen, which is an hour northeast of us, so Ryan decided to stay home and keep the angel since we would be out late and he has to be up at 4am for work :/
The girls showing of their skills

Check out these cinnamon donut holes that came with chocolate and raspberry syringes to do your own injecting! They were quite delish once we figured out to take the cap off the syringes...

Saturday morning Addy and I got up and met my mom and sister in Fort Worth for some quick shopping and lunch. Miss A got a few more things for her closet and I got some needed decorations for the house. {House pics coming soon!}
I tried out the piggies on Addyson and I have to say they're pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! {I'm not a biased mommy or anything}

That night we spent the night at my parents because we haven't had gas or hot water at our house for the past week - looong story. {And yes we've paid our bills} We got up and went to church in Weatherford and then the whole family went to my Nana's for lunch.
Addyson got to wear Grampa's medal from the Hotter Than Hell race he did that morning

And Monday my two loves took off and went to Abilene to see the grands and great-grandparents. I didn't think it would be the best idea for me to travel 3 hours away from my hospital home base since I just got off of bed rest, so Ryan and Addyson took a day trip without me. I'm not going to lie, I did cry when they left, but I'm not used to being that far away from her and for that long. Plus all you other mommies were posting pics of your kiddos first day at school and I swear it felt like I had just sent her off to kindergarten! I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones ;) They made it home late that night and I know they had so much fun seeing our Abilene family while I enjoyed being alone for the whole day and getting a million things done without my munchkin in the way. I actually ate three meals without them getting cold! Crazy!
Addyson thinks she can take over her cousin's swing
God is so good for blessing us with amazing family and friends to spend our time with! I hope you all had an amazing weekend too!!!

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