Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Potty Training Fail

Well we attempted potty training last week and we weren't so successful. Even though she's only 19mo, miss Addyson had been showing all the signs of a ready toddler and I figured we ought to give it a shot before baby brother comes along, so this was the week! I had read all the helpful tips, tricks, and advice I could find so that I was prepared. We had all the talks days before hand that we were saying "bye bye {to} diapers" and "Addyson gets to use the big girl potty yaaaaay!", but unfortunately my little Betsy Wetsy wasn't ready. I'm slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to having a break from diaper duty before starting all over again in February! But there's always a bright side to everything and in this case it's that I had plenty of one-on-one play time with my girl, she got in some good sensory play, and I got some pictures of our days in the house!

Most everything I read followed along with the Fellom's 3 Day method so we went that route which means "cold turkey". No diapers, no pull-ups, no panties, no pants. Just bare buns. And she was literally a cold turkey because as you all know we had our first freeze of the year last week. Perfect timing right? So because she was bare bottomed we spent the majority of our time in the kitchen where we have tile floors for easy clean up! I also cranked the heat up and had her in leg warmers and socks all day so don't worry she wasn't actually freezing!

Here was my small arsenal; the throne, plenty of old rags and carpet cleaner, and the rewards!!! Which we sadly only used once. Whomp whomp.

We started morning number one with some good 'ol coloring. Mickey Mouse is her new favorite so I printed off a bunch of coloring pages. She actually did pretty good and only colored on her table a couple of times :)

Then we went into Addyson new favorite "toy"- cloud dough! I actually think it's pretty fun too! I had mentally prepared myself for a day of messes so I really didn't care about the mess that came after these pictures, but next time I'll be saving this stuff for outdoors. Despite being literally everywhere it was a fun tactile activity for her!
Another day full of Cloud Dough!
I also found this cute idea here. It didn't keep her occupied as long as I would've liked, but it was still something new that kept her entertained for a little while. It probably would have helped if I had those little pom-pom balls instead of cotton balls, but oh well!
Another fun sensory activity that actually did keep her interested longer than I expected was this box of Scentsy samples!!  I sold Scentsy for all of one day, but I have the whole sample kit that keeps our hall closet smelling ammmmazing. So I got out the box and we sat for a good 15 minutes smelling all of the scents. She had a lot of fun twisting the lids on and off too!
And of course she had to try sitting in the box
Although she didn't end up potty trained we both had fun paying indoors together all week! We'll give it a shot again another time, but until then I'll just keep soaking up my little girl's smiles and giggles while I can! By the way, God is so good for giving someone the brains to figure out indoor plumbing! I would hate to try and potty train in an out-house!!

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