Friday, October 25, 2013

18 Months!

I'm pretty much the world's worst at keeping up with this blog thing huh? Well what better way to start back up than with an Addy update! Little miss just had her half birthday and even though it was weeks ago a late update is better than no update!

It's quite apparent around our house that we have a tiny toddler living here! Whether it's coming from me, Ryan or Addyson you can probably hear the word "no" being said about 100 times a day. Although when Addyson says it it's still kind of cute. She's not being defiant with it just yet, she just likes to use her new word as much as possible. But it is a trick to figure out when she really doesn't want another bite or when she's just saying "no" for fun. "No" isn't her only new word. She's gaining quite the little vocabulary. Plane, car, diaper, mouse, and oatmeal are some of the newest ones, but the cutest are definitely "trash" and "church". It's so funny listening to her make the "sh" and "ch" sounds! She almost sounds Jewish haha. She's also putting together a few two-word phrases like "night-night Dada" or "bye -bye Dada".

Meal times have become a bit of a headache lately. Between telling me "no", dropping her food on the floor, spitting chewed up food out of her mouth and just plain refusing to take a bite it's a wonder how this kid gets any nutrition at all. Fruit is our only saving grace. The girl can pack away some fresh fruit but everything else is hit or miss. One day a PB&J sandwich is her fav and three days later she won't even touch it. Veggies are a joke. I can normally get a couple bites of a baked or mashed potatoes in her but after that it's another battle. Breakfast is our only somewhat easy meal. She'll always eat a plain scrambled egg and oatmeal with out any problems. But no cheese on that egg!!! Or else she'll spit it right back out {even though string cheese is one of her favorite snacks?!} Oh well, one of the joys of having a kid I guess!!
She sure loves her Maggie!!

Night time sleep is great, normally 7:30-7:30. Works for me! With nap time she definitely doesn't follow the norm, but those of you who have been following me for a while know that she was never a good napper! Most kids at this age have dropped their morning nap and just take about a 2 hour afternoon nap. Miss A however dropped her afternoon nap and still needs the morning one! She goes down around 11am and if it's quiet around the house will sleep until 12:30-1. That makes for verrrrry long afternoons for mommy. I've tried putting her down again around 4 but she just sits in her crib and plays. I've also tried keeping her awake until after lunch, but the poor girl can't make it.
"Mouse", Milk, and Bear. Life is good!

At her well baby check-up she weighed 19lbs 8oz which puts her in the 15th percentile. Much better than the 2% she was in last time! Still teeny weeny but still proportionate and consistent so our pedi says we have nothing to worry about. She only has 11 teeth so far and she's supposed to have 16 by age 2. So she's got 6 months to pop out 5 more teeth...that ought to be fun.
She thinks she's big crawling up in our bed
Mickey Mouse is a must-have now. Any time I turn the t.v. on she starts saying "mouse mouse mouse!" I've made sure to DVR a handful of shows because she somehow eats a lot better when in the trance of a Mickey Mouse episode. We only watch it during breakfast and when I'm trying to get dinner ready, but it's tempting to keep it running all day so I can watch her do the "hot dog dance". Mommy's of tots you know what I mean!
Driving the car at the park
As always God is so amazing for letting me be the mommy to this precious kiddo! Some things have become a lot harder than when she was a tiny baby, but I somehow love her more and more every single day!!!

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