Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Fun...last weekend!

I can do a weekend update a day before the next one starts right?? Well I'm going to! Last Saturday was a busy little day full of fun! We took Addyson to the zoo for the first time, had lunch with my mommy, and then went to our friend's Halloween party! Here are a few pics to recap...
*Pointing to the elephants*Watching the penguins be fed*Beautiful blue bird*
*Seeing the lions with daddy*GO ROOS!*More of our favorite elephants*
Addyson wanted to be our photographer the whole time!
Addy and Daddy
After the morning fun we met up with my mom for a quick lunch and then it was back home to get ready for the party. We were Addysitter-less that night so our little pumpkin got to tag along for the big kid fun. Once we got there Addyson was a little freaked out with some of the costumes so I decided to not wear my wig. I actually changed clothes right after our pictures so I could chase my tiny ghoul around and be a comfy preggo :)
Johnny Cash, his witch, and his goblin!
God is so amazing for creating so many different animals to bring Him glory and for giving us such great friends!!!

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