Friday, October 25, 2013

Sticks and Stones...

I'm sure most of you saw a few weeks ago that my sweet hubby broke his arm:( Poor guy. I had a couple FB status updates and a couple pictures about it, but I figured I'd write out the whole story, since this is still my online memory book!

So it was about noon on Wednesday Oct 2. and Ryan had just finished mowing and decided to go for a run since he was already sweaty. He took off, Addyson woke up from her nap and I was about to start getting lunch ready when I heard a scream in the garage. Right then in comes Ryan telling me he broke his arm! He was clearly in a loooot of pain so I wasn't about to second guess him. I told him to go get in the car while I ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off. As fast as I could I put my shoes on, grabbed a pair of shoes for Addyson, grabbed the diaper bag, threw in a few random toys and a bunch of snacks, picked up Addy and headed for the car. Got Addyson into her carseat faster than ever and then remembered I needed to lock the doors and get her sippy cup! Back in the house for one more run through then back out to go. Ryan had been standing in the garage the whole time because he couldn't get the car door open because he was trying to hold his arm up! Once we were all in the car my gas light came on. Perfect. I wanted to go straight to the hospital but Ryan told me to get gas first because the last thing we needed was to be stranded on the side of the road. Good point. So off to the gas station we went. Filled up $5 worth of gas and then took off again. I was doing my best to safely speed while not hitting every bump in the road causing Ryan any more pain. Easier said than done when there's construction on every. single. road in the metroplex. We finally made it to the hospital which was luckily only about 10 minutes away from our house. I dropped Ryan off at the emergency room entrance and went to park and get out miss A. Once I made it inside they already had him in a room where he had his arm resting on a bed. We were all able to finally settle down for a minute and I got the story of what actually happened. He was simply running along the sidewalk and there is an uneven ledge that he tripped over. He put his arms out to catch himself and then he heard a "pop". I immediately knew the exact spot he was talking about because I had hit the same place when walking Addyson in the stroller and almost launched her out of it! There's a tree with low branches right before the shift, so you're looking up to dodge the tree and completely miss the sidewalk "cliff".

The dangerous streets of Saratoga Springs

After a few hours in the ER, some x-rays, and some much needed morphine (which actually didn't work on him) we got the news that the radial bone in his arm was broken completely through and we would be staying the night at the hospital and going for surgery the next morning. Of fun! I forgot to mention that this whole time Ryan is shirtless and dripping sweat since he had just finished mowing and running lol. And PS- keeping a toddler entertained in an ER room where she can't touch anything, including her daddy, probably made for one of the most exhausting 3 hours of my life! Around 4:00 I took off to get us some lunch, since we never got to eat, and made plans for my parents to keep Addy since I would be staying at the hospital. Of course right when I got back with the food they were ready to move him to his hospital room. Once we got him settled in there I headed back home to let my munchkin run free while I packed bags for all three of us. My dad came and picked up Addy at our house and then took her to spend the night with her Debs and "bampa". Then it was back to the hospital for the night.  Ryan's mom made the trip up from Austin to be with her baby boy and I'm so glad she was there! I think it made me and Ryan feel a lot better to have an adult there lol.
Definitely broken inside there

The doctor required Ryan's arm to be raised to keep from swelling so that made for a long night for him, that is until they got him some Dilatin instead of morphine :) I don't think either one of us slept very good that night. Between his arm being raised and having nurses come in every 4 hours to my being pregnant sleeping on a rock of a couch and having to listen to the most violent vomiting ever from the man next door... well it was just a long night. But finally morning and surgery time came.

They wheeled him away from us right at noon and about an hour later came out to tell us all went well!! Praise the Lord! After one plate and 7 screws his little arm was back together again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon waiting to be discharged and get a flu shot, which is a whole other story. But we finally made it home where both of our mommies and our sweet girl were waiting. I wish we had a better story to tell like "he was attacked by a shark" or something but honestly I'm just happy it wasn't any worse.
It's never fun to see someone you love hurt and being married to a police officer I'm in constant worry and prayer for my husband's safety. Every day that he comes home to us without a scratch is a miracle. I know this was just a simple broken bone but it serves as a great reminder to thank God every single day for His mercies and grace!
Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice.
Psalm 51:8

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